Duties and Responsibilities

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The task assigned to the Ministry of Tourism is defined by the article No 1 of Decree No. 2.08.651 of 15 June 2009, regarding the organization and the functions of the Ministry of Tourism, which states: "The governmental authority in charge of Tourism’s mission is to develop and implement government policies within the tourism domain".
To this end, and in coordination with the authorities concerned, it is responsible of:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate the strategy of tourism development;
  • Conduct the necessary studies and surveys regarding the tourism development both on a national and regional level
  • Develop Bills and organization texts related to tourism activities and ensure their implementation
  • Supervise and provide support to tourism professions and activities in accordance with the regulations;
  • Control the decentralized departments, guide them and evaluate the means to manage them
  • Participate in the development and piloting of the tourism and hotel training strategy
  • Supervise training institutions under the Ministry of Tourism;
  • Ensure the establishment and strengthening of relationships as part of a bilateral cooperation as well as with specialized organizations;
  • Ensure the supervision of the institutions under the Ministry of Tourism.