An action plan for conquering Chinese markets

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An action plan for conquering Chinese markets

The Ministry of Tourism, The Moroccan National Tourism Office, the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) and the Tourism Observatory have co-organized Monday 30th of May 2016 in Casablanca, a seminar dedicated to the Chinese tourism market.

The seminar, which brought together various speakers from public and private sectors (Ministry of Tourism, SMIT, ONMT, CNT, business federations, FMDT, CRT, airline companies and the Tourism Observatory) was an opportunity to examine the particularities and characteristics of this high potential tourism market, ranked 1st as a tourist generating country (98.2 Million in 2013) and the first in the world in terms of tourism spending (102 billion USA in 2012.)

It was also the opportunity to discuss the actions to be undertaken for a better positioning of Morocco as a destination and to benefit from the trading synergy between Morocco and China following the King’s decision to exempt Chinese citizens from visa requirements, starting from the first of June.

Mr. Haddad has focused in his speech on the importance of the Royal decision, which will give a great momentum to the Chinese tourism flow in Morocco, all the more so as Morocco stands out with its various tourist product and its ability to attract a huge portion of Chinese tourists, such as the Chinese middle class category, with an oriented elite seeking authentic experiences and discovering the cultural and historical heritage; Or the luxury segment for which the customer base is highly motivated for shopping; In addition to other segments of high added value such as Golf or the MICE tourism.

Furthermore, the participants have acknowledged that it’s important to seize the opportunities of this market, by implementing an action plan in short and medium terms, especially by opening up new routes going via the Middle East and Europe; The launch of publicity campaigns in the Chinese media and the organization of “eductours” in favor of Chinese journalists and tour operators; As well as preparing for the tourists’ staying conditions by adapting the touristic, hotel and gastronomic offers to the market need and the training of guides.

This meeting was brought to a close by forging a partnership between the Ministry of Tourism and the Confucius Institute of Rabat and Casablanca for guide training in Mandarin, and the implementation of an incentive system to accompany Moroccan tour operators in the Tourism Expo of Beijing.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Tourism attributes special importance to this market in its prospecting plan within the context of the Vision 2020 and aims to attract 100.000 Chinese tourists by 2020. Tourism flow from this market has reached 10.515 tourists by the end of 2015 and an increase of +12% compared to 2014.

Characteristics of the Chinese market:

  • 10.515 Chinese tourists in 2015 with an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 12%;
  • The majority of Chinese tourists (85%) who have visited the Kingdom have stayed in graded hotels;
  • The average expense of Chinese tourists is estimated to 1303 MDH per night;
  • More than 70% of Chinese tourists travel abroad at least once a year;
  • Without taking into consideration the trip duration, the majority of Chinese opt for a 6-8 days stay;
  • More than half Chinese tourists allocate most of their travel budget to shopping.

Before the departure, their first worry is the language barrier.