Four establishments awarded the golden medal

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Four establishments awarded the golden medal

3rd hospitality and food service competition

Four hotel and tourist establishments under the Ministry of Tourism have been awarded the golden medal, Friday night in Asilah, during the third edition of the Hospitality and Food Service competition (11-13 May). The first prize went to the Hotel and Tourist Institute of Technology (ITHT) of Tangier in the “Tableware and beverage services” category, and to the ISTHT of Mohammadia in the “Housekeeping” category.While the Hotel and Tourist Vocational Training Center ( CQPHT) of Assilah won a prize in the “Pastry and Chocolate making” category. The ITHT of Fez was awarded the “Rahal Junior Trophy”.

In addition, two other prizes (silver and bronze medals) were given out in each of the categories relating to the main fields of training “Tableware and Beverage services” (best waiter), “Housekeeping” (best maid), “Pastry and Chocolate Making” ( best pastry chef and chocolatier), and the “Rahal Junior Trophy” (best cook). Also, the category “Inter-school” (best cooking teacher).

Jury - Les Chefs

The competition took place at the CQPHT of Assilah. It was supervised by a jury of hospitality and food service experts from Morocco as well as from abroad, including Jean François Girardin (France), Fabian Hermans (Belgium), Valez Bernard (France), Karim Ahraou (Morocco), Taoufik Kahlaoui (Morocco) and Souad Benali (Morocco).

“Competitiveness serving quality” was the theme of this current edition. 72 candidates have participated,respresenting fifteen  Hotel and Tourist institutes  at national level. They came from the ITHT institutes of Tangier, Saidia, Salé, El Jadida, Fez Anas, Fez Atlas and Arfoud. From the CQPHT institutes of Benslimane, Assilah, Touarga and Casablanca and the ISTHT institutes of Marrakesh, Mohammedia, Agadir and Ouarzazate .

On the sidelines of the competition, some conferences have been scheduled by renowned experts during this event, under innovative and varied themes, namely “the required competencies to join the job market in parallel with the technical knowledge” and “the pilot initiative for the employability of young people”.

The objective of this event, organized by the Ministry of Tourism is to promote the training provided by these institutes under the Ministry of Tourism, at national and international level and give  trainees and trainers’ access to a space of exchange for their fulfillment and expertise, while paying tribute to the culinary heritage and Moroccan hospitality.

It also allows the students to develop performance standards of excellence, to grow into their unique personalities, to show their passion and spirit of initiative, to expand their practical skills, and to share the effectiveness of their training for manual jobs.

This meeting is also the occasion to perpetuate the convivial sharing climate, by offering visitors discovery courses comprised of demonstrations, tastings, and presentation of new products about culinary professions.