The Tourism Sector on the Government’s Agenda

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The Tourism Sector on the Government’s Agenda

On 19 April 2017, the Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, committed during his governmental statement before the parliament’s two houses to giving a fresh impetus to the tourism sector: “The Government plans to make the necessary efforts in order to accelerate the implementation of the tourism strategy, Vision 2020."

 In this context, the government’s agenda envisages a series of measures to be undertaken:

Reinvigorating investment and implementing the program related thereto as part of vision 2020 by putting in place a code that encourages tourism investment;
Promoting Morocco’s position as regards seaside tourism at the level of tourism resorts, namely Taghazout, Saidia, Mogador, and Lixus;
Improving the competitiveness of the tourism offering by upgrading old hotel infrastructure;
Continuing  the implementation of Vision 2020’s competitiveness and innovation programme, namely the part which is related to improving tourism professionalism and the emergence of environment-friendly competitive systems;
Improving the quality of training and adapting it to meet the sector’s needs;
Promoting communication campaigns on Morocco with a view to strengthening the Kingdom’s image as an exemplary tourist destination;
Strengthening the destination’s promotion and marketing measures with a view to increasing tourist flows from European markets;
Continuing the new markets access strategy and improving air services between Morocco’s key destinations and tourists’ outbound markets;
Developing new air routes, to and from European countries, as part of an integrated vision of tourism and air transport;

Working for a tourism development that falls within the framework of a sustainable development that respects the local population and develops the cultural heritage and the specific values of tourism resorts.