Support mechanisms

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Developement of support mechanisms

The tourism sector needs more than ever the backing of modern, structured and professional tourism companies. Prerequisite to face major challenges and deliver a quality service offering in line with the Vision 2020 goals.

In addition to a regulatory component where it is incurring significant reforms of the texts governing the professions of tourism value chain, this program provides support for industry actors through a comprehensive and integrated support system to address the different needs of tourism enterprises throughout their life cycle.

In this regard, the Ministry of Tourism has made several studies to upgrade the existing fabric, which led to the establishment of support mechanisms such as "Moussanada Siyaha" and "Renovotel 3".

Moussanada Siyaha

The system is intended initially to the three traditional professions (tourism accommodation, tourism transport and travel distribution). The "Moussanada Siyaha" aims to support over 600 tourism SMEs in 2020. This support will involve an overall budget of 420 million dirhams.

Eligible SMEs can benefit from the"Moussanada Siyaha" program in two ways:

Individual Action:

  • One or more initially unplanned accompanying actions (s);
  • 60% Max of the cost of tax services made by local providers, 80% Max of the cost of international tax services which is not available locally;
  • A maximum of 1 million dirhams per company

Progress plan

  • Multiple accompanying measures that must be previously defined by the company and that are planned as part of a Progress Plan (min. 3 actions) in order to achieve growth targets and performance improvement,.
  • 70% Max of the cost of tax services made by local providers, 80% Max of the cost of international tax services that not available locally;
  • A maximum of 1 MDH by progress plan and by business, including, where applicable, the amount committed for unplanned actions.3- In case of acquisition of an information system
  • 70% Max of the purchase price of an information system including VAT in an owner and / or tenant mode within the limit of 400 KDH.

Renovotel 3

RENOVOTEL is a financial fund in joint with banks established in 2003, dedicated to the upgrading of hotel units. It is intended to finance projects of tangible and intangible investments, excluding the increase in bed capacity.

Also, and in order to provide a new breath to this mechanism, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the National Federation of Tourism and the National Federation of Hotel Industry conducted in July 2012 a Memorandum of understanding for the reactivation and revitalization of this mechanism.

To this end, this memorandum of understanding provides for a budget of 500 million dirhams to help mobilize a total investment amount of 1.3 billion dirhams and an upgrading of 16,000 hotel beds.

Also, this mechanism is based on flexible and attractive terms:

  • Integration of guest houses to the eligibility perimeter;
  • Contribution in equity of 10% for small categories (1 *, 2 *, 3 *, guest houses and residential hotels), and 15% for large (4 * and 5 *);
  • The financing quantum of up to 250 000 DH per room for large units;
  • An advantageous exit rate, and the role entrusted to the leading bank which allows a reduction in processing times.