Maroc Centre

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Geographic location
The Morocco Center territory is located in north-central Morocco and covers a part of the Middle Atlas. It is the intersection of the axes east/northeast on one hand and east/southeast of the Kingdom on the other hand. The territory covers a total area of approximately 54,918 km², which can be converted to 7.7% of the national territory. It is bounded to the north and northeast by Morocco Mediterranean territory, Northwest by the Territory of the North Cape, south and southeast by the Atlas valleys territory, and west by the Atlantic Centre territory.
Delimitation of Morocco Center
The territory consists of two prefectures and nine provinces:
Prefectures :
   • Fez
   • Meknès
 Provinces :
   • Taounate
   • Taza
   • El Hajeb
   • Ifrane
   • Khénifra
   • Zouagha Moulay Yacoub
   • Sefrou
   • Boulemane
   • Guercif
Territory positioning
Morocco Center is a journey to the heart of Morocco's history, focusing on three sites:
• Fez  :A living museum
• Meknès & Volubilis : The city of two empires
• Ifrane : The fountain of youth

The territory will be positioned as the second largest international cultural destination, enriched by a natural offer and a unique and exclusive well-being, capable of competing with European cultural capitals, and able to reach a level of urban and cultural influence comparable to Lisbon nowadays. The ambitions of the territory will be realized only through the Implementation of cultural and natural heritage and the urban development in synergy with the cultural offer of Fez, Meknes and natural offer of Ifrane that will be developed in the hinterland.
Territory’s resources
Morocco Center is characterized by a great diversity of cultural and natural resources that can offer a variety of experiences: a unique historical heritage, the Medina of Fez, the imperial city of Meknes, and many kasbahs, madrasahs and barns; a variety of landforms and landscapes with caves, waterfalls, gorges, gardens and palm groves as well as the Middle Atlas Mountains and the Rif.
Site Ressources Potential tourism’s types
Fez Bab Boujloud
Maousolée of Moulay Idris
Médersa Attarine
Médersa Bou Inania
Médersa Cherratine
Médersa Sahrij
Médersa Seffarine
Mosque of Qaraouiyine
Mosque of  Andalous
Glaoui Palace
Mnebhi Palace
Talaa Kbira et Talaa sghira
Médina of Fez
Guerniz Tanneries
Qaraouiyine Library
Dar Balghazi Museum
Dar Batha Museum
Nejjarine Museum of arts and crafts wood
Place Nejjarine
Place Seffarine Cultural

Meknès & surroundings Bab-Mansour
Imperial City
Médersa Bou Inania
Volubilis site
Place El-Hedim
Village of Moulay Idriss
Ville of Meknès Cultural
Cultural and Religious
Cultural and shopping
Cultural and urban
Ifrane Cédraie and Gouraud cedar
National parc of Ifrane
Oum-er-Rbia sources
Ifrane city Eco-tourism
Eco-tourism and adventures
Goals 2020
• 2.8 million tourist arrivals (against 1 million in 2010)
• Additional bedding capacity of 20,700 beds in order to reach 36,300 beds (hotel and similar)
• Creation of 74 500 direct jobs
• 19.300 million dirhams of tourism revenue (against 6,450 million dirhams in 2010)
Ambition of territorial development
• The significant increase in hotel capacity by developing authentic accommodation in the medinas of Fez and Meknes and the creation of thematic and historical resorts in both locations.
• The rehabilitation of heritage and urban upgrading.
• The development of an authentic entertainment that will offer a unique experience of total immersion in history: museums, interpretive centers, SPA network based on local products and development of spa industry of an international level.
• The development of natural ecological components through ecologic accommodations (ecolodges, glamping) and innovative and sustainable products in Ifrane (sports center, spa leisure center ...).
The expected customer base in this area is composed of three segments:
a. Conformist Adventurers are adults looking to discover new destinations and cultures, who prefer activities rather than relaxation, but go rarely outside the beaten path;
b. Luxury weanlings are the segment of the most experienced travelers, who are strongly oriented towards the discovery and exploration, and who prefer to visit the emerging countries;
c. Seniors looking for Adventures are seniors who attach great importance to traveling, and who want to "catch up" by discovering new countries, cultures and natures.