Air Transportation

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The challenge of positioning 6 new touristic destinations internationally

The spatial planning strategy of the Vision 2020 will allow to expend the “Moroccan offer” significantly, by developing a sophisticated resort offer, and creating new sources of growth culturally speaking, by bringing the “nature” offer within.

In terms of promotion, this entails the international positioning of six new touristic destinations in addition to Marrakesh and Agadir, around which the national promotion was centered so far.

The rising power of the promotion and air service for new destinations will happen gradually depending on their level of maturity and the development of their touristic offer:

  • For resort destinations, the main challenge is to ensure charter flights and access to distribution channels of the resort package.
  • For cultural and city-break destinations, as well as for new destinations, the major problem is to reach maximum access from primary regions of touristic demand.
  • Lastly, for the “nature” and “niches” destinations, the main problem is how to introduce them into distribution circuits dedicated to these new forms of tourism.