New internet tools

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Enhancing of the visibility of the destination on the Internet

In parallel with regional strategies of distribution support, the State will accompany the private sector’s efforts so far to ensure visibility and access to the Internet offer.

Already well positioned on the movement towards disintermediation (dynamic packaging via Internet or direct selling), Morocco must strengthen its lead ahead of other rivals in the south of the Mediterranean region.

therwise, an increasingly important fraction of consumers-whose purchase decisions are not conditioned on the traditional distribution circuits-, will no longer be reachable. An aggressive Internet strategy is implemented by:

  • Creating a booking platform, connected to the ONMT site and other sites of territorial promotion tools, which will be gradually transferred to territorial level.
  • Supporting the equipment in ICT capacity and dedicated industry solutions, in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and New Technologies.;
  • Implementing innovative and recurring measures to maintain the visibility of the 8 destinations on the Internet.