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National workshop under the theme « Sustainable tourism: A lever of promotion and communication at destination level”

The Ministry of Tourism has held June 10th 2015, a meeting on sustainable tourism under the theme : “Sustainable tourism: A lever of promotion and communication at destination level”. An event that brought some hundred participants together to promote the Moroccan intiative for sustainable tourism.

As a result of the workshop, the main recommendations adopted were:

The institutionalization of a national day for responsible tourism that aims at mobilizing  tourism stakeholders around an annual meeting devoted to sharing experiences and advances on the topic. In addition to an award ceremony for responsible tourism in Morocco whose process and format will be updated. Launch of magazine about tools to upgrade initiatives for “Sustainable Tourism”, including the Moroccan Charter for Responsible Tourism, as well as an update of a digital and practical version of the responsible traveler’s guide that will sensitize and push the tourist toward a responsible consumption. The mobilization of a community of Sustainable Tourism players around a digital and interactive platform that will serve as a space for sharing experiences and exhibiting  flag ship and communication projects in an attractive manner for tourists.

4th edition of the International Symposium for Sustainable Tourism in Agadir

Under the high patronage of His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, the fourth International Symposium for Sustainable Tourism was held in collaboration and support of the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, the French Government, UNEP, and UNTWO under the theme “Steering and monitoring of sustainability in tourism.”

This international symposium for sustainable tourism made for a meeting place of exchange  between partners, experts and professional of the public  and private sector, including Civil society during a day dedicated to research, exchanging practical experience, implementing  actions and programs for Sustainable Tourism on a global scale.

It was also an opportunity for the partners to introduce and share initiatives and innovations in terms of sustainable tourism, and to bring to light the work that has been done locally, relating to preserving the natural environment and the sustainability of destinations.

The symposium was also the place to be for networking between partners, decision- makers, and funding agencies. It was also a platform for exchanging ideas about projects of sustainable tourism.