Study results

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The survey revealed the following key findings:

  • The quality of the tourism experience in Morocco is generally judged very positively, both by tourists (80% satisfaction rate, 85% intend to return back, 80% recommendation index) and   by professionals (international tour operators).
  • The two types of tourists dissatisfaction during their stay in Morocco are:
    • Dissatisfaction regarding the fundamentals of the tourist service, this is very disadvantageous because they directly impact the overall level of satisfaction of tourists. This includes the quality of accommodation. Dissatisfied customers of the accommodation (20%) complain about the hygiene and property of the staff and / or accommodation. They express an overall dissatisfaction of their stay and do not recommend the destination.
    • Improvement axes identified by all respondents that are in relation to key components of the customer journey, not always within the sphere mastered by tourism professionals, particularly the experience at the airport, taxis, leisure activities, tourism environment including security.
    • Also some people have specific expectations or requirement levels, especially regarding the business experience at the airport (waiting time) and taxi services.

Alongside the quality survey, the Benchmark provides information regarding the following key elements:

  • The four benchmarked countries have implemented different devices.
  • The analysis allowed the identification of suitable practices regarding the Moroccan environment and also initiatives to avoid.

Thus, for its tourism quality strategy, Morocco should adopt a pragmatic and operational action plan that will:

  • Ensure compliance with international standards, by capitalizing on internationally recognized labels and by implementing the specifications for activities. The ambitious "comprehensive national brand" project seem however to be avoided. Their developments and implementations are lengthy and complex and offer a reduced impact and visibility.
  • Highlight the special character of the destination through national or local specific labels.