Structuration of the actors

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Federations and associations of tourism businesses are given the task to defend the common interests of their members. Filtered by profession, their sole purpose is Rights study and defense, as well as material and moral, collective and individual interests of members covered by their statutes. Created by regulation, associations and federations of the tourism domain are created under the Dahir No. 1-58-376 of 3 Jumada I 1378 (15 November 1958) which regulates the right of association.

Grouped under the National Confederation of Tourism and representing the profession in the eyes of the supervisory authority and other agencies, business federations ensure the representativeness of the tourism industry through their regional associations.

Convinced by the importance of this representation, the Ministry of Tourism works to accompany these federations and associations for an organizational structure to ensure better representation of members that are able to consolidate the competitiveness of the tissue and thus create a junction between their projections and aspirations of Vision 2020. Similarly, the Ministry of tourism aims to boost the collaboration network to expand and capitalize depending on the experiential knowledge of these members.