Grand Sud Atlantique

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Geographic location
Located in the extreme south of Morocco, the Great Atlantic South territory is bounded on the north by the Atlantic Souss Sahara territory, south and east by Mauritania and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It extends over an area of 130,899 square kilometers, which can be converted to 18.4% of the national area.
In terms of provinces, Great Atlantic South consists of two provinces:
   •  Aousserd
   • Oued Ed-Dahab
Territory’s positioning
Great Atlantic south is an exclusive destination of international significance. sport and nature oriented territory that is built around the exceptional site of Dakhla. Huge beaches stretch along the city, they offer an exceptional relaxing setting, with fine golden sand, bordered by high cliffs of about twenty meters, opening onto the desert.

The tourist development of the territory will be built around the valuation of two main areas:
• Develop a niche sports like kite surfing, valuing the climatic conditions of the lagoon (wind, sun);
• Development of a luxury niche offering, based on the Sea-Desert combination, through the development of Eco-Resort and specialty boutique hotels (Windsurf, Spa, and Nature).
Territory’s resources
The edge of the South of the Kingdom, the Great Atlantic South territory is mainly characterized by an unusual natural heritage with unique coastal resources in the world, such as Dakhla for example, an exceptional setting that combines beaches of great beauty and excellent quality, and deserts with expansive views
Site Resources Potential type’s of tourism
Dakhla Dakhla’s lagoon Ecotourism
Goals 2020
• 114,000 tourist arrivals
• Additional bedding capacity of 3,200 beds in order to reach 3,800 beds (hotel and similar)
• Creation of 4,260 direct jobs
• 820 million dirhams in tourism revenue (against 110 million dirhams  in 2010)
Ambition of territorial development
• The Dakhla site will feature exclusive accommodations that is environmentally friendly, with the establishment of an eco-resort luxury, sport specialty boutique hotels... The fishing activity will also be valued
• Luxury bivouacs, nautical bases, niche activities of "nature & desert" type, a supply of well-being based on local products will complement the tourist offer.
• In order to protect the environment, strict measures will be introduced for the protection of the lagoon, a highly threatened ecological perspective.
The expected customer base in this territory is mainly composed of lovers of comfort, thanks to its sharp offer in terms of sports and luxury, the area also attract the most assiduous of these high value-added niche products consumers.
a. Comfort fans are less active adults and not so much of adventurers, they are in search of comfort and relaxation, and are little bit curious cultural seekers, they attach high importance to the comfort of the accommodation