Maroc Méditerranée

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Geographic location
The Morocco Mediterranean territory is located north-east of Morocco. It is bounded to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, northeast by the North Cape area, west and southwest by the territory Morocco Centre, to the east by Algeria and to the south by Atlas territory valleys. It extends over an area of 28,139 km² being 4% of the national territory.
Delimitation of Moroccan Mediterranean
The territory consists of a prefecture and six provinces:
   - Oujda-Angad
   - Berkane
   - Taourirt
   - Jerada
   - Nador
   - Al Hoceima
Positioning the territory
 Moroccon Mediterranean is the new Mediterranean destination "leisure resort" rich in modern and unique animations with its sustainable / ecotourism positioning, it is focused on two sites:
• Saïdia : Seaside leisure, value for money, Sports Paradise
• Cala Iris : responsible seaside
• Marchica
The territory is going to experience the development of a differentiated seaside product and will have many modern and accessible entertainments. The success of tourism development of the territory will be based on the valuation of differentiated advantages through the integration of the seaside product with hinterland offers, the development of an animation offer that contains many sporting activities and the development of several projects focused on sustainable development.
Territory’s resources
The territory has significant natural wealth that draws from its diverse geographic locations: its Mediterranean coast, lagoons, forests, mountains and plains. This added to important cultural resources with many Kasbahs, medinas and caves.
Site Ressources Potential tourism’s types
Saïdia Beaches of Saïdia (Mediterrania Saidia station) Seaside and sportive
Cala Iris
Marchica  Cala Iris and its beaches
Lagoons of  Marchica  Ecotourism
Entertainment, leisure and golf
Goals for 2020
• 0.9 million tourist arrivals (against 450,000 in 2010)
• Additional bedding capacity of 17,800 beds to reach 27,300 beds (hotel and similar)
• Creation of 23,000 direct jobs
• 6.070 million dhs in tourism revenue (against 2,290 million dirhams in 2010))
Ambition of territorial development
• The creation of a fully integrated entertainment supply of an international level: sports center, city of leisure, spa-leisure center ...
• In support of the project of the 7 cities of Marchica:
• Reorientation of Cala Iris towards sustainability and authenticity (redevelopment of the fishing port)
• Enrichment of Cala Iris by many events (sports niche).
• The hinterland will offer ecotourism and sustainable supply with traditional accommodation, rehabilitation of the medina of Oujda, integrated nature and niche activities based on karst wealth ...
The expected customer base in this area is composed of two segments:
a. comfort fans are less active adults and not so much of adventurers, they are in search of comfort and relaxation, and are little bit curious cultural seekers, they attach high importance to the comfort of the accommodation;
b. Active families are families seeking a balance between relaxation and suitable activities for all family members, in a rather seaside environment, and attach importance to the quality of accommodation.