Marrakech Atlantique

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Atlantic Marrakech territory is located in the center of Morocco. It includes part of the High Atlas and covers an area of 31,881 km², which can be converted to 4.5% of the national territory. The territory is bounded on the north and northwest by the Central Atlantic territory, on the east by the Atlas Valleys territory, the south by the Souss Atlantic Sahara territory and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean.
Delimitation of Marrakech Atlantic
Marrakech Atlantic consists of a prefecture and five provinces:
Prefecture :
    - Marrakech
Provinces :
   - Al Haouz
   -  Chichaoua
   -  El Kelâa des sraghna
   -  Essaouira
   -  Rhamna

Positiniong of the territory

The Marrakech Atlantic territory embodies the authenticity and the chic lifestyle, a global destination city break, which remains Morocco's gateway. It is centered on three sites:
• Marrakech : the cultural capital and the unique alchemy between tradition and modernity, authenticity and sophistication
• Essaouira : the art of living
• Toubkal & valleys : Marrakech Heights
The sites of Marrakech and Essaouira continue to develop based on an offer mainly focused on their intangible heritage (real-time experience of the local culture and the contextualization of its history), and on travelers who love "dilettante"culture, that is to say, a component that stays printed in the whole environment of their journey, but do not constitute a demanding business activity in time and attention and that naturally combines with activities such as shopping and ballad, mostly playful nature and relaxation. In general, the Marrakech site aims to offer two complementary positions: a "city break" destination as well as a MICE destination.
Toubkal site and valleys will develop on the basis of a positioning that combines nature tourism and dilettante culture.
Territory’s ressources
Enjoying a strategic location in the heart of the Kingdom, the Marrakech Atlantic territory is characterized by an exceptional cultural and natural heritage, whose influence is international, with tourism resources which are among the most attractive and diverse in Morocco. The cities of Marrakech and Essaouira detain a unique cultural and historical heritage, with their Medinas and a myriad of cultural attractions that tourists could visit. The valleys, the High Atlas mountains, cliffs, gorges surrounding also bring to this territory a variety of landforms and landscapes that attract a large number of domestic and international tourists.
 Site Ressources Tourism’s types
Toubkal et vallées Waterfalls of setti-Fatma
Djbel Toubkal Eco-tourism and adventures
Eco-tourism and adventures

Marrakech palm grove Marrakech
Dar Si-Saïd
Médersa Ali ben Youssef
Medina Marrakech
Place Djemaa el-fna
Mamounia and its casino  Desert/Oasis and  Eco-tourism
Cultural and religious
Cultural and shopping
Cultural and shopping
Games and cultural
Essaouira Essaouira  beaches (Mogador station)
Médina Essaouira Seaside and sportive
Cultural and shopping

Goals of 2020
• 3.7 million tourist arrivals (against 1.9 million in 2010)
• Additional bedding capacity of 26,000 beds in order to reach 86,000 beds (hotel and similar)
• Creation of 67,700 direct jobs
• 26.285 million dirhams of tourism revenue (against 13.590 million dirhams in 2010)
Ambition of territorial development
• The investment will be primarily directed towards the enhancement and consolidation of the offer, in line with the positioning of the territory.
• The creation of new hubs of activities, particularly to disseminate tourism in the city and consolidate the experience of city-break (seats fitted in the Medina, cultural forum on the Menara, gardens circuit, reprogramming of festivals to ensure an attractive event calendar throughout the year ...).
• A touristic usage of urban space and water resources optimization policy will also be set up (tourist routes, decongestion of traffic, Valuation of living spaces...).
• With a thematic offer (sports, adventure) in every valley, the valleys will be the green lung of Marrakech.
• In synergy with the Mogador station, Essaouira will give priority and special interest in setting urban value and the valuation of living spaces.
The expected customer base in this area is composed of four segments:
• Conformist Adventurers are adults looking to discover new destinations and cultures, who prefer activities rather than relaxation, but go rarely outside the beaten path;
• Luxury weanlings are the segment of the most experienced travelers, who are strongly oriented towards the discovery and exploration, and who prefer to visit the emerging countries;
• Seniors looking for Adventures are seniors who attach great importance to traveling, and who want to "catch up" by discovering new countries, cultures and natures.
• Active families are families seeking a balance between relaxation and suitable activities for all family members, in a rather seaside environment, and attach importance to the quality of accommodation.