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A new institutional model for a dynamic adjustment

Aware of the key challenges to achieve the goals of the Vision within the timeframe set, and to convince the community of investors to engage with confidence in its implementation, the steering system 2020 is based on the three following elements:

  • Implementation of a new institutional architecture which enshrines the wide range of the tourism sector, the territorialization of its development strategy, and the necessary concertation between the public and private sector at national and regional level, through the creation of specific structures of national and regional steering, which therefore will be responsible for putting the following  statements into practice :
    • Adoption of a steering principle coordinated by all the parameters of the touristic equation which will consist in assuring (in space and time)the best match between bed capacities, air shipping, a skilled workforce and the mobilization of the necessary promotion budgets for the filling capacities, but also finding the equation between the positioning of territory and its hotel products with the targeted client segments,  applied sales networks , and the requested air service;

Therefore, the creation of efficient structures of national and territorial steering, committed to achieving qualitative and quantitative goals, and based on adequate working methods, would favor investments maximization over the decade by bringing the assurances of a harmonious steering of the new economy of tourism.