Central level

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National Council of Tourism

To ensure the implementation of the Vision 2020 and reinforce the institutional legitimacy of an industry as transversal as tourism, a national steering authority has been set up, gathering the State, the regions and the private sector in a renewed partnership: The National Council of Tourism.

In charge of proposing the necessary measures for the implementation of general orientations of the national policy, adopted for tourism development, and to ensure monitoring and evaluation, its main missions are to:

  • Present to the government every proposal likely to contribute to the development of the tourism sector and the improvement of its competitiveness ;
  • Give its opinion to the government concerning draft laws and regulations relating to the tourism sector or having an impact on the said sector ;
  • Give its opinion about any issue referred to it by the Ministry in charge of tourism, in relation to the tourism sector, and the issues raised by players of the tourism sector in particular ;
  • Give its opinion about the implementation of the national policy in terms of tourism at national and regional level, and issue a recommendation, thereby facilitating or accelerating its implementation.
  • Carry out studies and research projects, launched at its initiative or upon government request, about any issue concerning tourism ;
  • Conduct comprehensive, sectoral, and thematic assessments for policies and public strategies  in fields related to tourism and publish the results.