Local Level

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Agencies for Tourism Development

To ensure the success of the tourism policy’s regionalization, and guarantee the implementation of regional strategies, “Tourism Development Agencies” (TDA) will be gradually established across the 8 territories.

The mission of these agencies will be to:

  • Ensure the proper execution of the regional roadmap of their respective territory to promote a harmonious, swift and perennial touristic development through:
  • A coordinated steering of all the key parameters of the tourism industry equation to ensure –in time- the perfect match between bed capacities, air service, the availability of a qualified workforce and the mobilization of the necessary territorial marketing budgets for capacity filling. A key focus of this work will be to ensure the right adequacy between the territory positioning and its hotel products with the targeted customer segments, the applied marketing networks and the type of sought air service, -a dynamic regulation of the capacities by continually monitoring key parameters of the hotel occupancy equation to periodically adjust the strategic capacity objectives for the territory and ensure the right behavior of the sector’s performance indicators.
  • Develop the competitiveness of territories, through the coordination, quality control in the whole territory of the chain value, and within the touristic environment.
  • Ensure local industry professionals’ guidance based on the global market’s needs, as well as spread the best market practices and innovative approaches.