Business climate

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Aware of the important challenges of the Vision 2020 in terms of investment, the Ministry of Tourism has launched studies to identify and introduce new specific measures to the tourism sector that aim to expend an incentive system in favor of touristic projects, particularly in terms of:

  • Decreasing  the amount of the eligible investment to conclude agreements or contract investments with the State. Thus, specific advantages of financial, fiscal and customs order are granted to investors developing mid-range animation and accommodation properties (3 to 4 stars);
  • Assimilating of RIPTs to hotel establishments and making the managers of this product benefit from an exemption of the IS (corporate tax) stipulated by the CGI code.
  • Extending the duration of VAT exoneration for 36 months long touristic projects instead of 24 months;-
  • Proposing the extension by 10% of the VTA rate in animation and leisure operations. Today, these touristic equipments are capital-intensive and unprofitable, and they don’t benefit from the advantages granted for accommodation establishments.