Engagement & Goals

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Engagement: « Continue to make tourism one of the engines of the economic, social and cultural development of Morocco»

The deep and rapid transformation of the country as a whole since now ten years, the solid foundation laid by the Vision 2010 and the opportunities offered by new global tourism trends allow to have big ambitions for the next decade, based on our core values and our differentiating points

  • Authenticity: The Moroccan tourism bases, for many decades now, its development and the positioning of its mark on authenticity. This position is different from the one of its direct competitors, engaged mostly in a mass tourism, it is now considered as a real competitive advantage. Vision 2020 cultivates this historic choice through a proactive approach of preservation, conservation and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage of the Kingdom.
  • Diversity: In terms of tourism, the most important advantage of Morocco is its diversity: diversity of territories and landscapes, diversity of natural resources and ecosystems, diversity of cultures and influences (African and European). Vision 2020 promotes diversity through an ambitious spatial planning policy.
  • Quality: If the development of new capacity remains a strategic goal, Vision 2020 aims to significantly improve the competitiveness of all the links in the tourism chain, and in particular: deepen the service culture and develop a compelling animations offer.
  • Sustainability: Finally, in accordance with the general guidelines adopted for the whole country, the Vision 2020 puts sustainable development at the heart of its ambitions. Morocco, whose resources have been historically preserved, has a real and considerable potential for differentiation in a highly competitive and prospective environment.

Ambition: « In 2020, Morocco will stand within the 20 largest global destinations and will emerge as a reference in the Mediterranean periphery on sustainable development»

Goal: « Double the size of the sector »


  • Double the accommodation capacity with the construction of 200,000 new beds including 150,000 hotels and 50,000 similars in order to offer visitors a rich and dense tourist experience.
  • Double accordingly the tourist arrivals by doubling market share in key traditional European markets and attracting 1 million tourists from emerging markets.
  • Triple the number of domestic trips while keeping in mind the tourism democratizing in the country.
  • Create 470,000 new direct jobs across the country, to employ at the end of the decade nearly a million Moroccan.
  • Increase tourism revenue to reach 140 billion dirhams in 2020, a cumulative sum over the decade close to 1000 billion dirhams.
  • Increase by two points the tourism’s GDP within the national GDP to reach almost 150 billion dirhams against 60 billion dirhams today.