Programmes and projects

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Structuring programs for a diverse portfolio of products

The embodiment of national ambition and regional ambitions is through the development of a set of programs that allow the emergence of a diverse tourism offer and a quality that meets the needs of tourists. Six structuring programs have been defined around the culture, the seaside and the nature, with sustainable development as the core and complemented by programs focusing on certain high-value niches and specific segments to increase the attractiveness of destinations.


  1. Azur 2020 Rebalance the offer at the benefit of seaside with an optic to build a Marc seaside offer internationally competitive.
  2. Sustainable Eco/Development Enhance natural and rural resources while maintaining and ensuring compliance with the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities by providing socio-economic benefits.
  3. Heritage and Legacy Enhance Morocco's cultural identity through the structuring and valuation of tangible and intangible heritage of the Kingdom and the construction of coherent and attractive tourism products.
  4. Animation, Sports & Leisure Create a rich, varied and complementary entertainment offer to basic tourism infrastructure in order to consolidate the Moroccan tourist offer, making it more attractive and competitive.
  5. Niches with high added value: Business, Wellness & Health (i)Capture a business tourism and extend its stay by organizing synergies with sports segments and wellness, entertainment and culture, and (ii) make Morocco a new international destination of welfare and health
  6. Internal tourism - Biladi Meet the expectations of Moroccans by providing a suitable product based on their habits and their way of traveling.

A sustainable integrated system of tourism development

In order to support the ambition of Vision 2020 regarding its sustainability, an integrated system will be established. It consists of putting in place tools that monitor and evaluate the sustainability indicators for the sector, of strengthening the sustainability criteria in the regulatory standards and establishing financial mechanisms to support the development of eco-territories. These actions will be accompanied by a marketing strategy and followed by a strategic steering body in the high level authorities (Sustainable Tourism Commission)

Promotion and air services in line with the ambition of territories

To enhance the attractiveness of tourist areas, ONMT and ADT will implement specific strategies to support the promotion and development of the air services. Their objective will be to ensure regional attractiveness for each type of destination, adopted by their product positioning. In addition, a more aggressive Internet strategy will be put in place to increase the visibility of the destination on the Internet.

Support measures for maintained and sustainable investment dynamic

Creation of the Moroccan Fund for Tourism Development (FMDT)

To remove constraints for the access to financial resources, the state has set up a Moroccan Fund for Tourism Development (FMDT) to implement the proactive engagement of the state in the tourism sector through a structural approach that will build confidence in the leadership of major projects of this new vision.

Implementation of investment bonuses

Investment bonuses will be implemented in order to support the tourism investment and to lead it towards the less developed or emerging territories and to new development opportunities.

A human capital valorization and high quality training plan

In order to enhance the adequacy of training to the labor market requirements, high quality training centers will be established at each tourist area following a participatory methodology between the public and private sectors.

A strategy for the sector's competitiveness and the actors professionalization of the chain’s touristic value

To meet the challenge of the growing power of the entire tourism value chain and provide an international quality experience, Vision 2020 will set up a National program for Touristic Innovation and Competitiveness evolving around three main axes :

  • The establishment of a specific orientation and support to Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises mechanism;
  • Support for the emergence of key players and the development of networks throughout the tourism value chain;
  • Improvement of tourism management through regulatory reform.