Legacy & Heritage

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The program “Legacy and Heritage” sets out to put forward the cultural identity of Morocco through the structuring and the upgrading of the physical and non-physical legacies of the Kingdom and the building of coherent and attractive tourism products.

It provides the rehabilitation and reconversion of the historical monuments of the country while respecting their architectural identity. The design of interpretive tours around the medinas of big imperial cities is also part of this program. Through various subjects taking the most significant aspects of the historical Moroccan legacy and thanks to the networking of these tours, the tourist will have time to discover the fundamentals of Moroccan culture and make them his/her own.

The program also includes the creation of a special company which goal it is to to optimize the architectural legacy of the Kingdom (Kasbahs, Ksours, Ryads, Foundouks, palais d’hôte, lofts) and make them more attractive by transforming  the aseets into an authentic high performing hosting service, characterized by its strong cultural seal. Their geographic distribution through the entire Moroccan territory will facilitate the creation of a network of classified establishments according to the international norms. The latter will thereafter generate a brand effect contributing to the success of the project.

The creation of world class museums will allow the tourists to discover and interpret the historical and cultural inheritance of the Kingdom. In the first instance, two big museums, the African Museum of Tangier and the Moroccan Museum of History of Meknes will be two institutions acknowledged for their exhibitions like big European museums, and they will contribute to the international influence of the country.

The program Patrimony & Heritage finally comprises the swarming of an animation offer based on the non-physical patrimony including many festivals. Tradition-inspired festivals of different regions of Morocco -perpetuating ancestral traditions- will be managed by the Tradition Festival Foundation. Projects such as art hotels or weekly art markets will allow the affirmation of the positioning of certain cities as well as capitalizing on the creativity of local artists.