Promotion & air travel

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The ambition to double the size of the sector requires a strong increasing power of the promotional activity, and the reinforcement of the strategies of distribution of each destination in Morocco. To achieve that, Morocco has to meet the 5 following challenges:

The challenge of the growth of reputation

To be able to double its market share, Morocco has to highly increase the share of tourists who have a knowledge of Morocco, and who intend to visit-to an increased presence- throughout the relevant promotional channels. This effort which has already been achieved in the French and Spanish markets will be carried out in the European markets. In fact, the Moroccan market share remains limited in its traditional markets.

Therefore, a huge margin exists for Morocco in terms of market shares, in a context where Europe will keep being the main source of revenue for international tourists, with 46% of global demand, for a total of 717 M tourists.

The challenge of attracting high potential new segments

The success of the Vision also implies gaining the interest of new populations of high potential  in terms of length of stay and touristic expenditure, which so far, they haven’t been interested in in  Morocco. Their targeting will be made possible by the emergence of a larger offer whose positioning on the global market will be accompanied by a renewed promotional strategy.

  • The seniors, who represent one of the most important numbers of tourists, and who represent a length of stay and spending level above average;
  • Families, which remain the most important segment in terms of the volume of touristic overnight-stays ;
  • Young people looking for niche and sports activities, who also represent a substantial level of touristic expenditure.