Rules and standards

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Aware of the major and pressing challenges for development and also the need to preserve the environment and meet environmental requirements, Morocco has implemented a set of legal and regulatory provisions for the protection and enhancement of the environment and also the coaching regarding the process of sustainable development in which environmental issues are critical.

Due to its transversal nature, the tourism sector is affected by numerous environmental regulations, particularly relating to land usage, planning and construction policies, management & operation of coastline, equipment operation, discharge & waste treatment standards, etc.

Below is a general overview of the major pieces of environmental legislation.


Law No. 10-95 on water and its implementing regulations:

Subject: This law establishes the legal provisions that rationalize the usage of water and widespread the access to water.

It is based on a number of principles including:

  •  The public dominiality of waters;
  •  The implementation of a land use planning and allocation of water resources based on consultation;
  •  The protection of human health by regulating the exploitation;
  •  The rational allocation of water resources;
  •  The prevision of sanctions and the creation of a water police.